Responsible Tourism


Our Sani Pass Tour passes through the Ukhlamba Drakensberg World Heritage Site. This is an extremely sensitive environment. Our guides fully understand this and are fiercely protective over this area. They will confront and or report anyone harvesting plants or animals, picking flowers or littering on the Sani Pass.

Major Adventures gets involved with the Sani Pass Alien Eradication every year, helping the Pass to retain its beauty.

On numerous occasions we have, together with Lesotho locals, been involved with the repair of the road on the pass, to improve the drainage which limits wash-aways. We also get involved (assist) with the annual clean up on the Sani Pass.

Major Adventures (whenever possible) and when necessary will take food, clothing, and blankets into Lesotho and distribute where necessary.

Skeuring Village

This remote village allows tourists into their homes, giving us an insight into their survival methods and cultural practices in this truly harsh environment. Income derived from visiting tourists helps to sustain their lifestyle and to educate their children. A portion of each clients fare is donated to Me Belina and her family.

We visit this village on our standard Sani Pass tour.

Makhapung Village

Major Adventures has joined forces with the Makhapung Village (deep in the Highlands of Lesotho). Mapaseka is leading the tourism drive in this quaint little village and the surrounding areas. She is dynamic and has involved all in the village, with the aim of a better life. We donate R120.00 of each clients fare to Mapaseka and her team. Who in turn look after the less fortunate in the surrounding area .

We visit this village on our Cultural and Heritage tour and our overnight Lesotho tours.