Trusted by international tour operators for over 15 years

Major Adventures has been trusted by international tour operators for over 15 years, and they look forward to delivering for them, for the next 15!

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Dudley and Colleen Blevans tour Sani Pass

Colleen & Dudley Blevins tour Sani Pass. A blast from the past!

Charlie and Gardi Major of Major Adventures were thrilled to reconnect with good friends and pioneers of Sani Pass. Dudley Blevins started with Mokhotlong Mountain Transport MMT / Giants Cup Motors as an apprentice in 1974. Then did his army service and later returned.

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Join us for a virtual tour up Sani Pass and into Lesotho

Travel 109 km with us in just over 3 minutes, and get a key-hole view of the unparalleled Sani Pass adventure into Lesotho. No other operator has the history that our business is fortunate to have. We are the only Sani Pass tour operator that has a living family legacy with the Sani Pass that dates back to 1956, and whose business has never changed ownership. Deep roots, extensive experience, rich knowledge and talented guides, make the Major Adventures experience of the Sani Pass into Lesotho – the best that money can buy.

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The challenging Sani Pass

Steeped in adventure, ready to be explored – the Sani Pass into Lesotho

Photo by Reese Braam / Unsplash

The name Sani Pass had no association with the San people

The history of Sani Pass in the Drakensberg Mountains is one that is steeped in adventure, danger, and excitement. It is a unique area of the world that has long captivated adventurers, both current and past.

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Another happy group of Dutch tourists.

Summer green mountains greet our tourists from the Netherlands

Another happy group of Dutch tourists give us a thumbs up for their adventure through the Summer-green mountains, and up Sani Pass into Lesotho.

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Young Dutch couple visit Underberg to experience Sani Pass

Big smiles from Willem and Fieke from the Netherlands

Excitement sparkled in the eyes of Willem and Fieke who prepared themselves to buckle up for their “African massage” drive in our 4×4 Toyota Prado, and up the rocky roads and across flooded streams  and up Sani Pass into Lesotho.

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Unparalleled plant, bird and wildlife species

The Sani Pass in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains is home to an astounding array of flora and fauna species.

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The Veneboer family from the Netherlands enjoy Summer & Sani Pass

The Veneboer family, parented by Cor and Theresa – travelled to South Africa with their three sons and their girlfriends – to experience our great outdoors.
William accompanied Myrthe, Robbert travelled with Elien, and Lars Veneboer was with his girlfriend Lonneke.

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The incredible Sani Stagger

The road of sweat and tears

In the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg, outside the tiny towns of Underberg and Himeville – is the road that leads runners to the famous Sani Pass. The Sani Pass – which was once a bridal path used to carry goods from South Africa up into Lesotho on the back of donkeys – is the steep and gravel road that athletes use for the Sani Stagger. The course is an “out & back” course that runs from South Africa to Lesotho, and back! The course runs 21.1km up Sani Pass to the Lesotho border post, and then 21.1km back down the pass into South Africa.

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It was an all ORANGE turnout for Sani Pass & Lesotho – for our international guests

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, our Dutch travellers took a moment to stand amongst the mountains and appreciate the view.

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