Adventurers from Brussels ready for Sani Pass

Arnout and Jessica joined Major Adventures for their private tour up Sani Pass and into Lesotho.
Such a proud and happy couple. Arnout and Jessica are from Belgium and came to South Africa for three weeks. Jessica didn’t know what Arnout had planned for her, but when they were at the beautiful Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga four days ago – Arnout went down on his knees and – presenting Jessica with a ring – asked for her hand in marriage!
To Arnout’s joy and happiness, Jessica accepted his proposal and their travels through South Africa took on a very different light.
Weeks before the trip to South Africa, Arnout did the right thing – and approached Jessica’s father for his blessing and permission to marry his daughter.
But Jessica’s father kept Arnout on a string saying that he would “think about it”. This anxiety lasted a whole week, until Jessica’s father relented and gave Arnout his blessing.

It must have been so difficult and scary-exciting for Arnout to hold onto this secret until they arrived in South Africa and travelled to a beautiful view point in the Blyde River Canyon.

Such a super couple indeed. Jessica was shy and proud at the same time to show me her golden wedding band (you may be able to see it on her finger in the photo).

Not only are they super human beings, they are modest and extremely talented. Arnout is a trauma surgeon, and Jessica is an anaesthetist.

Two Doctors, madly in love..

After a full-day exploring Sani Pass and Lesotho, Arnout and Jessica returned to Underberg. Toasted by the sun, but boasting bright smiles.