Our Vehicles

our vehicle

All of our vehicles have the required Passenger Liability, roadworthy certificates and permits. All of which are available on request.

The type of vehicle that we use have been carefully chosen. We currently use Landcruiser station wagon’s, Toyota Prado‚Äôs and Landrover Defenders.


our vehicle

Finding a vehicle to use on the Sani Pass is no easy task. However, after thirty or so years of personal experience driving the Sani Pass and eight different types of 4×4 vehicles, we have come to the calculated conclusion that the Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser and the Landrover Defender come out tops. They have proven to be reliable safe and comfortable.( Although the Landrover rattles a bit). Until a new suitable and reliable passenger 4×4 vehicle comes onto the market this is probably what we will stay with.


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