Warren – unsung hero who helped rescue an injured tourist

Yesterday one of our guides – Warren Dlamini demonstrated a level head and quick thinking.

Warren was travelling up Sani Pass on a private tour with tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA.

When he had almost reached the top of Sani Pass in our 4×4 vehicle – at “ice corner”, Warren came across a motorbike accident.

As a very experienced guide, Warren realised that the safety of tourists is paramount, so he stopped to assess the situation.

It appeared to Warren that the biker had broken his leg, and needed emergency assistance. Warren then drove up to Sani Pass Mountain Lodge, and using their WIFI facility – was able to call Gardi Major of Major Adventures to alert her of the situation.

Gardi Major then immediately called her friend and Underberg Emergency Medical Services (UEMS) base manager – Kate Bodmann.

Kate then kicked into gear and travelled up Sani Pass to lend assistance to the German tourist.

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