The Veneboer family from the Netherlands enjoy Summer & Sani Pass

The Veneboer family from the Netherlands on their tour up the Sani Pass










The Veneboer family, parented by Cor and Theresa – travelled to South Africa with their three sons and their girlfriends – to experience our great outdoors.
William accompanied Myrthe, Robbert travelled with Elien, and Lars Veneboer was with his girlfriend Lonneke.

The timing for their visit couldn’t have been better. The Southern Drakensberg has experienced a great deal of rain over past three months, resulting in the brown landscape and mountains exploding with new shoots, grass and shrubs. So while the streams and mini waterfalls are overflowing, the day the Veneboer’s chose for their tour – was a marvellously clear and sunny day.

As you can see from the photographs above, great times, views and 4×4 Sani Pass Major Adventure’s were enjoyed by all.