A tour up the Sani Pass packs a huge punch.  If you are coming to Africa or looking to experience a trip full of adrenaline this is a ‘must’ on every brochure.

As the holiday crowds clear it is the perfect time to take advantage of post Christmas specials.

The zigzags on Sani Pass climb to an astonishing 2840 metres above sea level.  The views and sheer height of the pass are still absolutely natural and untouched  by man.

The Sani Pass Day Tour remains the classic in the portfolio of soft adventure tours up the pass.  The gravel switch-backs climb a 1000 meters in the last 8 kilometres.  The tour winds through the South African border control and past endemic vegetation sprinkled with flowers, unusual rock formations and waterfalls.  It is common the stop to view herds of Eland and baboons during the steep climb.  This world heritage site remains iconic

In order to fully appreciate this spectacular experience we place your safety in the hands of a professional guide.  This is a soft adventure open to all the family no matter  fitness or age.  The beauty of the basalt buttresses and sweeping vistas is a sight to behold .  As we pass the Lesotho border control we see the remote Highlands of this little landlocked country.  Enjoy lunch at the Highest Pub in Southern Africa before facing the steep journey back down the pass.


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