2 days one night                                                                           

Experience all that a standard Sani Pass tour offers, plus the trip to Makhapung, a small Basotho village deep in the highlands of Lesotho. This is your chance to experience the Sani Pass, Lesotho highlands, Basotho cultures, and a visit to the remote trading town of Mokhotlong. You will overnight at the Principal Chief of Mokhotlong’s house. Home to the Queen Regent ‘Mants’ebo Amelia Seeiso, the first and only woman to ever rule Lesotho.

The Kingdom in the Sky provides spectacular mountain scenery, and a chance to experience the simplicity of a mountain people. This is an opportunity to explore nature still little changed by man, and unspoiled by crowds of tourists.

For those with a spirit for adventure!


All of our tours can be adjusted or changed to suit your needs. If there is anything extra that you would like to see or do, please contact us at: info@majoradventures.com


From: R3,352.00