Full day

Without a doubt the Sani Pass is one of the most spectacular and scenic mountain passes in Africa.  This tour is a must for any tourist travelling to Kwa-Zulu Natal.  It lies between the Southern Drakensburg mountains and the landlocked country of Lesotho.  The Pass winds steeply through to the summit of the Drakensberg and through the Lesotho border post.  Many adventurous travellers from across the world include this on their itineraries in order to traverse the breathtaking natural scenery this precarious mountain has to offer.  The guided tour does not require any physical fitness and therefore encourages people of all ages.  The tour packs a big punch with unforgettable views.  You will leave having conquered the highest and most iconic pass that Southern Africa has to offer.

Please note that it is not cost effective for us to bring only one person through from Durban to Underberg, so we encourage you to invite a friend or fellow tourist to join you. Our minimum booking is for two people.



From: R2,650.00