Its so great to see international tourism picking up again

Pre-COVID, South Africa enjoyed on average 162 thousand inbound travellers (excluding Africa) in the month of May each year – which was switched off and lost for two years – shattering the tourism industry around the world.

Inbound travellers to South Africa in May each year

The impact of COVID on international tourism to South Africa

This had a devastating effect on tourism and hospitality industries alike, resulting in businesses having to cut costs wherever possible to try and weather the storm. Large travel agencies in South Africa often had to cut their wage bill, shedding staff in the process. Borders were closed and millions of people eked a living. Small tourism companies did everything they could to try and survive. Many businesses closed.

With the lifting of international lockdown restrictions, the relaxing of COVID protocols and the opening of borders – a resurgence of adventure-seeking travellers has been re-ignited.

And here in the little town of Underberg, we are experiencing the upturn.

Busses of travellers are arriving again, brimming over with enthusiasm and excitement – keen to experience what they have had to postpone for the past two years.

The smiles and chatter of German, Dutch, Spanish, English, Israeli’s and South Africans – are once again heard at Charlie and Gardi’s Major Adventures tourism office, here in Underberg. What exciting times we live in.

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