Conserve Fiona and Flora and other Funny signs

Recently on one of our tours across Lesotho we came across this classic sign which we could not resist photographing. Unfortunately we didn’t meet Fiona and Flora!

However this is a lovely depiction of the simplicity of these warm and humble people.

Gardi has a strong philosophy that a “picture says 1000 words”.  As we started taking notice of the signs and pictures in the area, a whole new world started taking shape which certainly told more than 1000 words.

Below is a picture given to me by a tourist from Lesotho. He was intrigued by this donkey carrying lambs in both sides of it’s backpack and then towards Semongkong we came across this Gross Cafe?

These pictures sparked an animated conversation about some of the amusing signs and pictures seen along our Southern African roads and of course the stories that each tells.  So with many thanks to Traveller 24 and each photographer ….. we found these many of these images that may give you a tourists insight into the confusing and wonderfully warm personality of our country and those surrounding us.

So as we always begin at home….this photo is of a small home along a road in the Free State.  The attention to detail with the small out-house pointing into the ground may have been a co-incidence but we saw it as creativity. We are hoping that these are old, discarded road signs.

Some were downloaded courtesy of:

Talking about signs this bar manager obviously feels the need to clearly explain why is public bar is closed.

It doesn’t really matter where you park.

       Unless it is in a restricted area.

And it all depends of what you drive!

And whether a vehicle is faster than getting away on foot.

Our road signs can also at times be confusing…

But always take notice of the rules.

They are there to warn you of risks.

Especially in remote areas,

If ignored this could result in having to have your vehicle repaired.

Which may take some time.

But of course not everyone has had the opportunity of a good education.

And sometimes even our stores can get it wrong.

But it all depends of what type of business you run?

The quirky nature of Southern Africa will always be enthralling and entertaining.

  There is just no better place to laugh and spend your leisure time.

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