Missing Link stumbles very slowly up The Sani Pass.

The new ANC president announced that one of the most important contributory factors to encourage a stable financial future in …

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No battle scars on tyres after 10 trips up Sani Pass.

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Local guides and community help to repair Sani Pass Road

Water poured down the Sani Pass after heavy rains on Saturday night.  As I drove with up the Pass with …

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Real travellers are avoiding ‘touristy’ attractions and want real cultural experiences.

 We all want to believe that the tribal dance in the village we travel so far to see is more “real” …

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sani pass

The Birth of Sani Pass

“On a good day you can see until tomorrow” is how views from the edge of the Sani Pass have …

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White Christmas on Sani Pass?

It is said that only strangers and fools try to predict the weather in Underberg. Excitement is always triggered when …

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Major Adventures

Local Info and History

In October 1998 Charles & Gardi Major opened their doors and started Major Adventures in Underberg. I grew up in …

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Southern Drakensberg, Sani Pass Birding Tour

Southern Drakensberg Fauna and Flora

Mammal Species The Southern Drakensberg area has a diverse population of birds, mammals and reptiles. The more common larger mammals …

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