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Every citizen of a foreign country who wishes to visit the Kingdom of Lesotho on any visa category must first obtain a visa through the Lesotho e-visa system.

Normally a single-entry visa would cost $150 pp (R2,600 pp).

Citizens of countries that have visa abolition agreements with Lesotho and citizens of some Commonwealth countries are exempt from this rule. No fee is payable for these citizens.

Nationals of the of the following countries do not require a visa for the trip up Sani Pass to Lesotho:


There are no COVID certificates required, or asked for at either the South African or Lesotho border posts.

This has not been officially legislated, but this is the accepted practice.

Yes you need a valid passport.

A copy will not be accepted.  As you are going into another country you will not  be allowed to enter or exit the border post without your passport.

Children also require passports.

It is impossible to predict the weather conditions.  However the daily tours run everyday 365 days a year  except on the rare occasion the pass is closed due to snow or rain. Although the temperatures can be cold on the pass it is most often sunny with blue skies.  Snow does occur during winter but there is no regular pattern so it is recommended to consult reputable weather report.

Please check

For daily tours up the Sani Pass bring warm clothes, sunglasses,  cameras, binoculars,  passports (in some  cases visa’s) and water.  Bring cash (Rands) for purchase of crafts,  and gratuities for your guide.  The restaurant accepts credit cards, and free WIFI (when it works).

For overland tours bring minimal comfortable clothing, warm jackets and sleeping wear as well as the above.  Please email info@majoradventures for further information in this regard.

A Sani Pass standard tour leaves at 9h00 and returns at approximately 16h00. It takes about 2 hours for our vehicles to travel from our office in Underberg, to the top of Sani

The cultural and heritage tours leaves at 8h00 and returns by approximately 18h00.

One night, two night, three night, four and five night tours of Lesotho are available. Please consult our office on or phone or WhatsApp Gardi Major on +27 82 298 2135 for information on the duration of the overland Lesotho tours.

Our guides are very experienced.  They have been operating through this pass for over 25 years.  They understand the weather conditions and the unique conditions in Lesotho. We have a 100% safety rate.  Our vehicles are comprehensively insured and we have diplomatic ties with Lesotho.  We are confident that the tours we offer are as safe as possible.

We may be able to pick you up from your hotel or B&B - if it is on our route from Underberg to Sani Pass.

We only accept South African Rands, paid via EFT or a web booking through our website.

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