Before you Book

What you should Consider

It is really important to understand that you are crossing into a third world country with different laws and infra-structures.  

We have 100% safety rate and we attribute this to the careful planning prior to all our tours.

Insurance Cover

Our insurance cover is held through ‘South African Tourism Insurance Bureau’ (SATIB), which is the only company to specialise in tourist cover and is recommended by South Africa Tourism Services Association.

Whilst this is a costly expense for us, we felt this was a small price to pay for our tourists safety.  It is undeniably important that cover offered to you includes assistance in foreign countries such as Lesotho but more importantly that the insurer has diplomatic ties with Lesotho, a 24 hour crises call centre, facilities to trace the location of a caller from GPS co-ordinates and an emergency Medi-Vac helicopter rescue if ever required.  This applies even for a half day trip over the border.

We include all these services in your tour price.

South African Tourist Services Association.

We were one of the first in the area to register with the South African Tourism Services Association to ensure that as a member our financial credibility, documentation and compliances are verified and confirmed.  We are a Pty Ltd company with taxation certification.

Safety in converted 4×4 vehicles.

Many of the tours up the Sani Pass and into Lesotho are driven in converted 4×4 vehicles.  When the vehicle is converted the ‘vehicle builder’ has to be certified to ‘homologate’ the vehicle which is a process in which the changes to the vehicle are tested and checked for safety.  If the vehicle is not legally homologated all insurance cover may be negated.  All of our converted 4×4 vehicles are legally homologated and have been issued compliance reference numbers from the National Traffic Information Syst

Importance of experienced drivers and guides.

The guides who conduct our tours and drive up the pass are the most experienced in the district.  Experience is not a skill to be taught but is gained by an understanding of the unique driving conditions on the steep hairpin bends of the Pass in 4×4 vehicles, in all weather conditions.  These guides are often called upon to assist inexperienced drivers who get into difficulty in inclement weather.  We are proud of the unsolicited compliments these men receive on a regular basis.


Visas and Passports

Please check on to check if you require a visa.  Visa’s can be completed online.  Whilst we would love to host your trip to Lesotho but if you do not have a valid passport, we cannot help you.  You have to pass through both the South African and Lesotho border controls and you are unable to leave or enter any country without a passport.

The value of personally being pioneers of Sani Pass tours.

Over a lifetime in the area and 20 years of sending tours into Lesotho daily we have gained a wealth of knowledge of each nuance of the journey.  We are not a huge organisation but a company small enough to be personal but big enough to know what is essential to operate into uncharted territory.