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Real travellers are avoiding ‘touristy’ attractions and want real cultural experiences.

 We all want to believe that the tribal dance in the village we travel so far to see is more “real” than the one performed at dinner at the airport hotel. We want to believe that the bread we had at the small Basotho village is more “authentic” than the overpriced snack that tourists pay for at the Waterfront markets.

Today authenticity has become the goal and measure of travel. “Real” travellers are avoiding expensive, posed tourist attractions, preferring to wander off the “beaten track”. Many avoid the “touristy” places and are discerning about wanting to have ‘real’ cultural experiences. read more

Local guides and community help to repair Sani Pass Road

Water poured down the Sani Pass after heavy rains on Saturday night.  As I drove with up the Pass with Charles Major from Major Adventures, waterfalls sprayed from the side of cliffs and formed silver lines running down the sides of the mountains.

Earlier our guides and been stopped with all other vehicles from driving up the Pass by the South African Border Control.  The explanation was that during the darkness the rivers had swollen and sections of the road were washed away and impassable by vehicles. read more