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White Christmas on Sani Pass?


It is said that only strangers and fools try to predict the weather in Underberg. Excitement is always triggered when we wake to the mountains glittering with ice and snow. It feels almost surreal like living inside a Christmas Card in South Africa. The vast changes in temperature recently have hypnotised our gardens from hibernating to the first flush of roses frosting with snow in hours. However, when the previous day was over 30 degrees and we’d been languishing over iced drinks it has been somewhat unusual to be scrabbling for hot chocolate the next morning. Winter woolies have been dragged back into cupboards and flip flops quickly hidden under beds. Only the Sani Pass has been unchallenged, revelling in glory. Each day as our tours meander towards the summit it is clothed in mystery until revealing deep blue skies or a quivering white coat. Will tourists have a white Christmas at the top? Well, only strangers or fools could answer that question.

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