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Of the over three hundred bird species found in the Southern Drakensberg area, around 30 are endangered and some of those, highly endangered. Sani Pass is a must for bird fanatics ....
Elsa Pooley once said, “The dramatic  landscape of the escarpment and the harsh climatic conditions of the highland of Lesotho account for the remarkably diverse plant life with about 2200 ....
The Sani Pass region has a very diverse population of  mammal species. The main predators being the leopard, found in very small numbers, the black-backed jackal and the caracal ....
There are about 25 types of snakes that are found in the Southern Drakensberg Area and of those, only four are potentially dangerous.  Puff Adder, Night Adder, Berg Adder & Rinkhals ....
Indigenous Trees in the low lying grassland areas of the Southern Drakensberg are few due to the cold weather and bush fires. Listed are 24 indigenous trees that grow  around the Sani Pass ....
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A Sani Pass Tour with Major Adventures, for many, is a highlight of a trip to South Africa.  We specialize in Sani Pass Day Trips and Lesotho Tours. Our expert guides are dedicated, provide personal attention and a unique experience.
Currently all our tours traverse the Sani Pass and into Lesotho. Our Sani Pass day trip operates out of Underberg in the Southern Drakensberg.
The awe-inspiring Sani Pass climbs the face of the escarpment to an altitude of 2874m and into the "Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho" ...

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